Season 1 Episode 3:

Prom Tail


  • Paris as... Rachel
  • Aliyah as... Marina
  • Zeyna as... Natasha
  • Addy as..._________
  • Adisa as... Backround peeps,camera guys,props


Mermaid--Daughter Darling,Sade,Yuna,Sahara Smith

One Thing,What Makes You Beautiful,Up all Night--1D

I Get Around,Be True to Your School,--Beach Boys

Friday-Rebbeca Black

Our Song,You Belong With Me,Mean--Taylor Swift

Like Whoa,Do You Believe in Magic--Aly & AJ


The girls powers are acting up at the school prom.


Long Part about mastering powers blah blah blah blah blaaaahhh

Natasha: I can't wait for the minor Prom tonight!

Marina: yeah it's going to be great! I already picked out my dress and everything.

Rachel: Yeah tonight is going to be the best night ever!!!

Cara: (in the backround) Not if I can stop it.

Natasha's house:

(girls in the bathroom puting on waaayyy to much makeup)

Rachel: I'm ready! You guys look great!

Marina: Yea were going to have so much fun- Let's go.

  • walk wierd and stylish*


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