The 4 Tails: Begining of a Tail

Season 1 Episode 1:Begining of a Tail


  • Paris as.......Rachel
  • Aliyah as.......Marina
  • Zeyna as.......Natasha
  • Adisa man,props (literly is the props)


Mermaid--Daughter Darling,Sade,Yuna,Sahara Smith

One Thing,What Makes You Beautiful,Up all Night--1D

I Get Around,Be True to Your School,--Beach Boys

Friday-Rebbeca Black

Our Song,You Belong With Me,Mean--Taylor Swift



Three girls discover a secret,known as an old fairytale, that could change their entire lives...


Marina: *on the phone* Hey Rachel let's go to the beach--I heard tonight is the blue moon

Rachel: *on phone* Are you still talking aboyt the blue moon again? There is nothing mysterious about it Marina.

Marina: Whatever are you coming or not?

Rachel: Duh!Your my friend,and I'm not going to let you kill yourself over this blue moon thing. Is Natasha coming too?

Marina:So you do believe in the blue moon...? Yea and no one is really there soo it will be like all by our selfs..

Rachel: Awesome Sauce, see you lates then!And i DONT believe in the blue moon!

(at the beach)

Natasha: Hey Marina,Hey Rachel! Did you know theres a blue moon tonight?!

Rachel/Marina: DUH!!! Of course!

Natasha: I heard that the moon give you mysteroius things if you look carefuly,in the right time and place.

Marina: Cool ok lets go swim.

.*wierd music*

Rachel: Oh my gosh guys look at that huge wave!!!! Everyone go under!

All: *screams*


Natasha: That was close, but lets try to rest for now..

Marina: How? I can barely see shore!!?!

Rachel: How about we just go to that island over there before a bunch of sharks eat us...!?

Natasha:uhh sounds like a good option.. Right guys?

(the girls swim on the island)

Marina: Its getting really dark lets just find shelter for now...

All 3 girls accidently slip down a hole and land in a cave)

All 3: wooaahh. Cool *a bat flys towards them and they fall in the pool*

Marina: Guys look! The blue moon!

Natasha: Hey what are those sparkles--?

Rachel: Maybe every blue moon a unicorn flys across the world to kids houses to give sparkles to the nice and moon rocks to the naughty..! Pfft-There is nothing suspicious about the blue moon!!

Natasha: *frightened* EXCEPT FOR THESE! (they all see mermaid tails)

Rachel: ARe these...ours?

Marina: uh-huhh...

Rachel: Is it because of the blue moon?

Marina: uh-huhh...

Rachel: Are we mermaids........?

Marina: uh-huhh...!

All faint


Part 2

(morning): wake up in thier bed

Marina:I just had the wierdest realistiestic dream ever...

Rachel/Natasha: Yea me too...*agreeing*

Marina: There was like this huge wave and we were stuck at sea until--

Rachel: Wait-- I said to go to the island nearby us...?!

Marina: Yeah! How do you know?

Rachel: Maybe it was just a guess or--something

Marina: oh well, then we fell into this like wierd sea cave hole and--

Natasha: We fell into a pool cuase a bat scared us,the last thing we saw was the blue moon and we turned into-

All: Mermaids.


Rachel: So what we all had the same exact dream, whatever,right?

Marina: Actully I don't think so. Its not really possible for 3 people to have the same exact dream. What if its real?

Natasha: Its not real, I'm pretty sure we would have remembered right?

Marina: I guess but somethings up.

Rachel: okay.... Fine something wierd IS going on.

(waiter/adisa comes out with drinks)

Waiter: Here you go ladies, enjoy! *drinks accidently spills*

Natasha: Oh fish nuggets! (run to bathroom)

Rachel: Are you ok Rachel?

Natasha: Uh uh uh uhhhhh!!

Marina: Nat?! What is it!?

Rachel: Nat, we're comming in! *busts open stall*


Rachel: *accidently splashes them* what do i!?!--

Rachel:Is this even possible??

Marina: I told you! Its the blue moon!!


Natasha: This cant be happening! It cant be this isnt real!

Rachel: Your telling ME! I'M A MERMAID!

Marina: Its ok guys! Lets try to dry off

(dry off and turn back into humans)

Marina: We can't tell our parents ok, not anyone..!

Natasha: Why? They're our parents!

Marina: They'll get so worried,they'll cal a doctor and we will have to go to a wierd sciencey place and turn into lab rats our whole lives!

Rachel: You're right... Let's just relax and go for a swim. :-)

Natasha: Yeah lets go test out our new tails

Marina: Yeah alright! Lets go have some fun!

  • music*

THE END for now................ >:)


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