One Warm Moring Barry The Zombie and Misa The Unicorn Went on a walk through the park. Barry : HAR..LOAP.GATYIJSJAO...HHHAAAAARRR Misa : Yeah Barry. Today is a nice day for a stroll in the park Barry : Hmph hmmm....Hargfnnnrrr SSDDDKKYY Misa : Huh? What do you mean look at the sky??? Barry : JAAAARRRWWWW CCAAAAAOOOTT PPOOOPPTTAARRDT Misa : ....What?!? a Cute Poptart cat is about to crash out of the sky??? Barry : YESSSSHHHHHOOPPP Misa : Then Barry We have to save it! Barry : NOOOOPPPPNNOOOOO Misa : Barry WTF What do you mean no??? Barry : DOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNYYTT FEEELLLL LLIIKKKKKET IITTTT Misa : * Face palm* Uhm...Er... Barry... Please For me.... Barry: *face palm* UUUUUH HUUHHH OOOKAAYYYY Misa : Yay Now thats the brain eater i know! Barry and Misa ran too where the cat was about too crash land Misa : Ok we have about 1 min and 48 seconds untill this cat is going to crash into the ground, Barry Me and You care gonna need t catch it. Got it? Barry : YYYYEEEEAHH Misa : Great Ok we have 8 seconds Misa : 7, 6 , 5 4, 3, 2.... Misa : 1!!! CATCH HIM BARRY!!!!! Barry made an epic catch catching Nyan cat Barry : YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYSSSSSSSSSSSSS Misa : * Sigh* Whew! that was a close one.... Misa : Now lets exmaine him... Barry : OOOOOKKKKIE Misa : *gasp* Barry...put him on the gently.... Barry Put the cat on the ground Barry : ISSS HEEEEE DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEIIAAADDDDD????? Misa : No Just Unconscious.. Barry:Oh....THEEEN CAANEEE MEEE EATT HE BRAINZZZZZZZSSS??? Misa : ...Barry WTF I thought you hated brains! are'nt you vegan?? Barry : OH YYYEEIIAHHHH Misa : Just as i thought ... He's a Nyan cat...He's from the Nyan cat family. They live in outer space Misa : Normaly We can just tie him to a kite and let him go into the sky....there's a problem Barry : WHUUUT Misa : .....His Rainbow...Its.. GONE!!! TO BE Continued....

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